17 ORU BBall Bani

Four Basketball Players from Oral Roberts University went with the Summit Institute to the Dominican Republic in July of 2011.  
Along with Chaperone's Jerry Finkbeiner and Micha Vandervort,  ballplayers: Kevi Luper, Jordan Pyle, Jaci Bigham, and Christian Key
participated in Basketball Clinics given in Bani, Peravia, D.R. and in Nizao, D.R..
The clinics were very well received as the Mayor of Nizao, and other prominent citizens of the area, greeted and assisted us in reaching the greatest number of children possible.  
We were also able to give basketballs to all of the organizations to whom we gave our clinics.  
The picture above is in Baní, when after a long day of clinics,  Altagracia Zapata and her daughter Yuli took us to the river for a swim.